The Abundant Pantry: Canning

In this class you will learn:

  • How to fill your pantry with healthy, SAFE canned foods.
  • Create a stash of delicious convenience foods, ready to heat and eat!
  • Save $$$ buying in season and preserving for use all year.
  • Avoid allergens by knowing exactly what is in every jar.
  • Make All-fruit jams with no added sugar.
  • Can SAFE sauces and soups in your water bath canner.
  • Fill the cupboard with tender, flavorful meats for quick and easy use.
  • Fearlessly use your pressure canner to create family-favorite meals.
  • Know the science behind SAFE canning so you can confidently serve your friends and family great meals from a jar.


Plus, you get:

  • 50+ video lessons including over 20 thorough, step-by-step recipe tutorials
  • 24/7 lifetime access! Watch over and over again, anytime!
  • Recipe Downloads
  • The Abundant Pantry: Canning Workbook
  • Complete Troubleshooting Canning Problems Section
  • *BONUS* Quick Reference Guide to Waterbath Canning
  • *BONUS * Quick Reference Guide to Pressure Canning
  • *BONUS * SAFELY Create Your Own Canning Recipes Video Workshop
  • *BONUS * The Abundant Pantry Planner and Inventory Keeper