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In-depth training, practical resources, and a supportive community of like-minded homesteaders to help you start THRIVING in your homestead.




Filling our

Feeding our

Changing our

Never Feel Alone as a Homesteader Again

I remember crying with my husband after ruining my hundredth batch of bread, thinking, “I’m done. I can’t keep doing this!” So many times during those early years I wanted to quit. 

Enter Homestead Kitchen Membership! I’ve committed my career to prevent you from experiencing the same overwhelm I did. We’ve created easy-to-follow processes, courses, and a community to help you make less mistakes and more progress. So you can enjoy fresh foods with your family, a healthier life and the peace of mind that only comes from the freedom of homesteading.  


Everything You Need to Master Homesteading in the Kitchen!

Discover how to manage a peaceful, smoothly running homestead. From filling your shelves with easy meals, to stocking up cold and flu remedies, to mastering chores and assigning daily tasks, the Homestead Kitchen membership will help you master the skills of creating an efficient and well-run homestead.

Master the skills of canning, bread baking, home-dairy making, and herbalism… plus more! Fill your pantry with fresh, yummy, wholesome food, prepare your own bread, make and serve your own dairy products with ease and treat most ailments with safe and effective herbal remedies that have worked for centuries.   

Connect with other like-minded students - Never feel misunderstood or alone again...  Share your successes, your questions and your challenges with hundreds of other like-minded students in our (non Facebook) community!

Avoid HOMESTEAD overwhelm - Know what to do and when to do it as you follow a seasoned homesteader through her year with weekly Coffee with Carolyn videos.

Get full homestead support - With the help of talented and knowledgeable community members and moderators,  problem-solve all of your homestead and kitchen related challenges.

Start thriving in your homestead in three simple steps...

1. Join the Membership

2. Engage in the Courses and Community

3. Enjoy Your Thriving Homestead


Want a sneak peek?
Here’s what you’ll get inside the Membership!

All of Homesteading Family Courses!

That’s right, you get access to every single one of our premium courses, including The Abundant Pantry: Canning, Art of Homemade Bread, Practical Homemade Dairy, and more!

“Zero to Hero” Canning Challenge

Prepare 21 wholesome canned meals in less time than you spend cooking one large meal, even if you’ve never canned before. 

Community with other Homesteaders

Join hundreds of like-minded homesteaders who are ready to support you as we all journey towards greater self-sufficiency together, one project at a time!

Get Weekly Live Support from Carolyn

Every week, you’ll be able to join Carolyn live within the community to connect with Carolyn, get your questions answered, and enjoy the community.


Imagine hitting that five o’clock hour rested and organized. You are feeling excited to gather your family and friends around a table that is filled with home grown and home-prepared foods. 

The Homestead Kitchen Membership is THE OPPORTUNITY to stop scrambling and to start THRIVING on your homestead. 


Meet Homesteading Family


We’re Carolyn and Josh Thomas! We live on 40 acres in Idaho with our 11 children where we grow, preserve, and prepare most of our own food right on our property. 

As young parents with a quickly growing family and a desire to feed them healthy, whole foods (even on a tight budget) we knew very quickly that we were going to have to figure out how to grow and cook it ourselves... good food was just too expensive!

But we didn’t have anyone around us that we could ask about how to make this homesteading thing work. We felt completely alone and scrambling for answers while dealing with the demands of life.

We didn’t want others to have to go through the same struggles we experienced, so we created Homesteading Family.

This year, more than ever before, it is so important for families and communities to re-learn the skills of growing and preserving food and caring for the people around us in ways that make us more resilient and less dependent on the government and large corporations. 

From videos and podcasts to courses and workshops, we’ve dedicated our lives and careers to helping people like you live their homesteading dream.  Our YouTube videos have been viewed over 28 MILLION times, with over 500,000 people now subscribed to get our latest content in order to grow their homesteads.

While we are so blessed to get to help others, we also know that this is just the beginning… and now it is time to take the next step by introducing our new community, the Homestead Kitchen Membership.

The Homestead Kitchen Membership will help you transform your home from a consumer based home into a productive and healthy home, alongside hundreds of other like-minded homesteaders!

We hope you join us and can’t wait to see how your homestead grows.

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Spend less time working on your homestead and more time on enjoying the things you love – like gathering around a full table of healthy, home cooked food with your family and friends.

With the Homestead Kitchen Membership, you’ll finally gain the skills, knowledge, confidence, and support you’ve been missing as a homesteader.

Together we will be:

Filling our Pantries, 

Feeding our Families, 

& Changing our Culture

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What’s included in the membership?

In short, everything we have to offer!

You get Access to all of the Homesteading Family Classes including:

• The Art of Homemade Bread

• The Abundant Pantry: Canning

• Herbal Medicine Cabinet: COLDS and FLUS

• Practical, Homemade Dairy

• Wild Milk

• Fearless Fermenting

• Baking with Home Milled Flour

• Preserving Eggs

• and more!

Online Community to support ALL of the Homesteading Family classes

‣ Coffee with Carolyn videos - weekly videos with Carolyn to guide you through your homestead year.

‣ Homesteading Family’s Video Vault - a curated collection of Homesteading Family’s Videos


Right now is the time to increase your self-sufficiency, fill your pantry and start living the simple life you have been dreaming of.  But jump in today...

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