The Household Management Class

Learn How to Turn Your Household Chaos into Household Peace

In this video workshop you will:

  • How to have a productive morning on the homestead
  • How to delegate which chores should go to your children
  • How to keep your household running smoothly (even when Mom is sick or hardship strikes)
  • How to keep up with the never ending laundry
  • How to keep your house tidy, even when you’re really busy
  • How to get the house back on track when things get out of hand
  • How to get a hot, healthy breakfast on the table every day, in only a few minutes
  • How to make quick work of harvesting and preserving (and not let it disrupt life)

You'll Get:

  • 17 Full Video Lessons
  • Carolyn’s Favorite Make Ahead Breakfast Casserole Recipe eBook
  • Carolyn’s Weekly Household Planning Sheet Printable
  • 30 Day, Money Back Guarantee