Baking with Home-Milled Flour

Using freshly ground, home-milled flour in your baking can really increase the nutrition in your food, but you need to know the ‘tricks of the trade’ to have your whole wheat baked goods turn out delicious and not taste ‘healthy.’


In this class you will learn:



  • Why home-milled flour is healthier and more delicious
  • The 3 types of wheat and how to know which to use when
  • The 8 Keys to Baking with Freshly-Ground, Whole Wheat Flour
  • The Super-Secret Trick to Making your Healthy Whole Grain Goodies HOLIDAY TABLE Delicious
  • How to make light country biscuits from whole wheat flour
  • Make a FLAKEY and LIGHT pie crust from You Freshly Milled Flour



Plus you get:

  • 3 full video lessons with nearly 1 ½ hours of teaching
  • The complete recipe and cheat sheet downloads... complete with helpful measurement for your home milled flour
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access! Watch over and over again, anytime!