Make Delicious Dairy Treats At Home

Get Wild Milk for $79: A Guide To Making Fermented Dairy Products

 Learn the old-fashioned way to make great dairy products without the store bought supplies!



Want to learn the old-fashioned way to make great dairy products without the store bought supplies?  

Now you can learn exactly how great-grandma made dairy in her house without running to the store in my brand new WILD MILK CLASS! 

This is your complete guide to making fermented milk products and for a limited time, you can get it for just $79.


Meet Your Instructor

I’m Carolyn Thomas! My husband, Josh, and I live on 40 acres in Idaho where we grow, preserve, and prepare most of our own food right on our property. 

I used to cringe every time I bought yogurt and cheese from the store. I thought, “I’m a homesteader, I should be able to make this at home!”

But for years, I thought it was complicated and too risky...until I learned how our ancestors used to ferment their own milk (back before fancy equipment and the internet).

As it turns out, it can be SIMPLE! Now I make all kinds of wonderful, healthy fermented dairy products right from my own kitchen.

This class will take you from “fermented dairy confused” to “fermented dairy MASTER” in just 15 lessons! You will quickly be creating your very own probiotic and enzyme-rich, fermented dairy products, like wild yogurt, sour cream and even soft cheeses - all with only raw milk!

You will learn how to make old-fashioned clabbered milk that tastes delicious!

You will learn how to turn that clabber into a variety of dairy products in your kitchen.

You’ll even get the complete PDF downloadable workbook to go along with the class so you can keep it on your kitchen shelf for quick reference!

This is an age-old yet nearly forgotten skill that I can’t imagine living without. My family and I LOVE the delicious dairy I’m able to create, just because I know the ins and outs of working with fermented dairy. Now, you can too.

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Start Confidently Making Fermented Dairy Treats At Home

15 video lessons with
step-by-step instructions

Simple, safe methods for fermenting milk

Homesteading Family’s Fermented Dairy Workbook


Want a sneak peek? Here’s what you’ll learn inside!

Wild Milk Workbook

Safe and timeless techniques for fermenting dairy

Easy to Follow Video Lessons

In these 15 videos, you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of fermenting milk (and how to do it safely)
  • How to tell if your milk (or clabber) as gone bad 
  • In-depth instructions for making:
    • Cottage Cheese
    • Yogurt
    • Sour Cream
    • Fresh Cheese
  • Answers to common clabber problems and questions homesteaders run into

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