Practical, Homemade Dairy Masterclass

Make all of the Dairy Products you need in a few hours a week!

Learn to make wonderful and healthy cultured milk products, soft cheese, and hard aged cheese.




Healthy, Homemade Dairy at Home (No Dairy Cow Needed)

Most homesteaders don’t want to buy from the store. But making dairy products at home can feel overwhelming!

  • What equipment and supplies do you need?
  • How do you age cheese in a home pantry?
  • Can you really safely ferment your own kefir?

The Practical, Homemade Dairy Masterclass will help you confidently answer these questions (and many more!), so you can begin making your own yogurts, cheeses, kefir, butter, and more, even if you don’t have a dairy cow on your property!


Everything You Need To Master Making Delicious Dairy Products
in Your Own Kitchen!

You’ll learn EVERY SINGLE step and technique of making dairy products at home, like:

Making all of your cultured dairy, like yogurt, buttermilk and sour cream in just MINUTES A WEEK!!

β€£ Making delicious soft cheeses BY THE POUND with very little effort, all while cooking dinner!

β€£ Making hard aged cheeses, like farmhouse cheddar and Parmesan in just a few hours a week!

β€£ Making your own cultured and sweet cream butter in less time than it takes to clean your dinner dishes!


Start making dairy products at home in three simple steps…

1. Get the course

2. Follow the step-by-step video instruction

3. Enjoy wonderful homemade cheeses, butters, and more!


Want a sneak peek? Here’s what you’ll learn inside!

Fresh Dairy

Learn to handle sweet cream and milk so that it stays fresh longer, maintains its sweetness, and is safe to be used for butter, flavored coffee creamer, and more.

Cultured Dairy

Cultured dairy is the foundation for all of your delectable dairy products - from  yogurt and buttermilks and sour creams, to soft and hard cheeses.

Cheese Making

Learn the simple, straightforward process I use to create easy soft cheeses all the way through to advanced, hard cheeses that can be aged.

Putting It All Together

Dairy doesn’t have to be complicated! Learn to practically make dairy products in your home in just a few hours a week.

Plus, get these exclusive bonuses!

Troubleshooting Cheesemaking
Troubleshooting Cultured Dairy
Kefir Workshop

Fill Your Fridge and Pantry With Homemade Dairy In Just a Few Hours

Imagine walking your unsuspecting friends through your very own cheese cave, or pulling out your homemade herb infused soft cheese to spread on crackers.  You don’t have to milk your own cows or even know someone who does!

You just need this simple, practical system to start making delicious dairy delights that your whole family will enjoy and benefit from.

You can do this! All you need is the right teaching. 

Get the Practical, Homemade Dairy Masterclass now.


Meet Your Instructor


I’m Carolyn Thomas! My husband, Josh, and I live on 40 acres in Idaho where we grow, preserve, and prepare most of our own food and dairy products right on our property. 

But I didn’t always know what I was doing with dairy. I remember making yogurt for the first time... and I remember scrubbing that charred pot for what seemed like hours and hours afterwards.   

I had no idea how easy (and mess free) it should have been, because I didn’t know other people who actually made their own yogurt.

Knowing what I know now, I am able to make all of the dairy products my family needs for a fraction of the price of store-bought with only a few hours of work a week!

I want you to have the same confidence that you can make wonderful and healthy dairy products EASILY in your own home.  

So, I created the class that I wish that someone had given me when I was a young mom trying to make healthy dairy for my family... that way you can fill your home with dairy delights, simply and practically (and without all the trial and error that I had)!

Get the Practical, Homemade Dairy Masterclass today!


For a limited time, get Practical, Homemade Dairy Masterclass for $199


See what's included:

β€£ 60+ video lessons you can download and watch over and over again. Once you buy the course, they’re yours forever.

β€£ A complete downloadable (and printable) workbook with my tried-and-true recipes to help you succeed faster.

β€£ Collection of international dairy resources, shared by fellow international students, to help you get the best supplies available in your area.

β€£ *BONUS* Dairy Troubleshooting Videos where I walk you through everything that can go wrong with your dairy and how to fix it.

β€£ *BONUS* Kefir Workshop where you’ll learn to make your own kefir - a fermented yogurt-like SUPERFOOD drink known as the “champagne of dairy” because of its fizziness!

β€£ 24/7 Lifetime Access



This is the most useful homemade dairy instruction you will ever receive. When you finish this class, YOU will be able to make dairy products your family will love and YOU will be the one passing these skills down to your children and grandchildren.

Start making healthy, homemade dairy treats for your family today with the Practical, Homemade Dairy Masterclass.