Herbal Medicine Cabinet: COLDS and FLUS

Start Treating Your Family with Safe, Natural Medicines Today!

**Now also covering FLUS and FLU-LIKE viruses**

Learn SAFE family herbalism while stocking your herbal medicine cabinet for the coming cold and flu season.

“Herbal Medicine Cabinet: COLDS has been a tremendous help to my family. The information is simple to digest and easy to put into practice. Thank you Carolyn!”

J. Lobdell, Washington

Do you want to start healing your family’s health challenges naturally?

If you look into herbal healing for any amount of time, you’ll quickly realize that it’s a HUGE topic with a ton of information… too much information!

  • Which herbs are you supposed to use for various illnesses?
  • Where do you find the best quality herbal medicines?
  • Are all herbs safe to treat your family with?

With the skills you learn in Herbal Medicine Cabinet: COLDS and FLUS, you’ll be able to confidently answer these questions (and many more!), begin making your own tinctures and other remedies, and start treating your family with safe, effective, and natural medicines!


Everything You Need To Master Basic Herbalism While Filling your Herbal Medicine Cabinet!


You’ll learn EVERY SINGLE step and technique of basic herbal medicine making, including many of the secrets your great grandma knew about healing her family like:

Understanding a few herbs really well is much more effective than knowing a little bit about many herbs.

β€£ A few simple, common herbs that you can easily grow or source, can be much more effective than a lot of exotic, expensive ones.

β€£ You can't treat an herb like a pharmaceutical drug… dosing with herbs is much different.

β€£ Having simple, multi-functional remedies on hand is the most effective way to battle common health challenges.


Start making herbal medicines at home in three simple steps...

1. Get the course

2. Follow the step-by-step video instruction

3. Fill your home with safe and effective natural medicines!


Want a sneak peek? Here’s what you’ll learn inside!

Making Tinctures

Stop colds and illnesses dead in their tracks! Learn how to combine herbs and alcohol or glycerine to make one of the most effective remedies for common ailments.


Clear out upper respiratory problems and sore throats with herbal oxymels (extractions of vinegar and honey).

Medicinal Vinegars

Create your own herbal antibiotic to fight off bacterial and viral infections  and strengthen your immune system over time.

Steams, Gargles and more!

Breathe easier and overcome lung and sinus infections by combining the right herbs with the soothing power of steam.

Plus, get these exclusive bonuses!

Herbal Remedy Labels
Getting to Know Your Herbs Monographs
Herbal Protocol Printable for colds AND flus
Grow Your Own Medicine Guide

Healthy Healing at Home Mini-Class

Build Your Own Herbal Medicine Cabinet in Just Days

Imagine going from confused and dabbling to confident and effective when it comes to healing your family naturally with healthy herbs. You only need to make some changes to your current approach. You just need a system that helps you:

  • Be prepared BEFORE a cold hits. 
  • Make everything you need for the next cold or flu.
  • Have a ‘protocol’ ready so everyone knows exactly what to do and when to do it.
  • Have a labeling system that matches your protocol to leave ALL of the mystery out of what you should do.

You can do this! All you need is the right teaching. 

Get Herbal Medicine Cabinet: COLDS and FLUS now.

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed taking your herbal medicine class.  I just loved it!  It was so informative and gave me recipes to make my own tinctures, etc. I was so excited!  I look forward to taking more of your classes.  Everyone should take this class to have these recipes on hand for Cold/ Flu season. They are so easy to make and perfect to add to your medicine cabinet.”

C. Miller, Kelso, Washington

Meet Your Instructor


I’m Carolyn Thomas! My husband, Josh, and I live on 40 acres in Idaho where we grow, preserve, and prepare most of our own food and herbal medicines right on our property. 

But I didn’t always know how to make the tinctures and steams and gargles that keep our family healthy. In fact, it took me years of study to gain this priceless knowledge!

If you’re like me, you didn’t have the chance to learn these important skills from your mother or grandmother. 

That’s why I created this course - it’s clear and thorough, and it’s the kind of thing that I wish someone had given me when I was a young mom trying to move away from pills and prescriptions in order to provide safe and natural health care options for my family.

You can make safe and effective herbal medicines! Get Herbal Medicine Cabinet: COLDS and FLUS today!

“I was very pleased with this class. Your videos are concise and seem simple and yet so informative. You provide the resources needed to successfully implement a cold herbal system for my family easily and confidently. I have collected the herbs and materials needed and have already used the first herb to bolster my immune system enough to not get sick while helping a friend who had a terrible flu.”

Connie Slade, Idaho

“I took the opportunity to participate in Carolyn’s Herbal Medicine course:COLDS and was very glad I did. She made it easy to understand, instructions were not complicated and now I have the course to refer back to whenever I need to. If questions are asked via email during the course, prompt answers will follow. I’m sure you will not be disappointed should you decide to take her course.  I am hoping she will follow with even more herbal courses in the future.”

Welker, Washington State

“I really enjoyed learning about different herbs and how they work. I have a child that has allergies which makes it hard for her to breathe sometimes.  The mullein steam was a great help. First time I ever tried something like that and it really helped. I can't wait to see how my fire water turns out."

L. Anderson, North Carolina

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See what's included:

β€£ Thorough, Practical Video Lessons on Herbal Medicine Making Including:

• Making Tinctures

• Herbal Oxymels

• Medicinal Vinegars

• Steams, Gargles and more!

β€£ Use 9 SAFE and common herbs to treat the whole family

β€£ Stock Your Herbal Medicine Cabinet with 9 remedies you need for this cold and flu season.

β€£ The 3 Keys to Herbalism

β€£ Printable Recipe Sheets

β€£ *Bonus* Herbal Remedy Labels

β€£ *Bonus* Getting to Know Your Herbs Monographs

β€£ *Bonus* Herbal Protocol Printable for colds AND flus

β€£  *Bonus* Grow Your Own Medicine Guide

β€£  *Bonus* Healthy Healing at Home Mini-Class

β€£ 24/7 Lifetime Access 

β€£ Plus much more!



“Hey y’all πŸ‘‹πŸ» I really enjoyed the herbal class. I love how you broke down which ones to take for both prevention and different stages of a sickness. I appreciate that it was all very simple and straightforward and the herbs are all easily found and affordable. I hope to be able to plant more medicinal herbs in my garden soon but until then, I’m thankful they are easy to acquire. I’m looking forward to more lessons in the future! Thanks to both.”

W. Clifton, Waycross, Ga.

This is the most useful herbalist instruction you will ever receive. When you finish this class, YOU will be able to care for the basic health needs of your family and YOU will be the one passing these skills down to your children and grandchildren.

Start making effective and life-changing herbal medicines for your family today with
Herbal Medicine Cabinet: COLDS and FLUS.