Your Bread Should Be As Beautiful as it Tastes!


The Scoring Sourdough Bread Digital Book

by Rachel Parks


Learn how to score your bread into beautiful designs and patterns!

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I love the look of beautiful bread.  But try as I might, I just couldn’t make those loaves turn out beautiful... so I made the very tactical decision to just LOVE rustic loaves instead.  

And then I read Rachel's book, Scoring Sourdough Bread. Within about 20 minutes of reading, I knew exactly what I had been doing wrong.  And I was encouraged to try again.    

Now if Rachel can teach ME how to make bread beautiful... I know she can teach you, and she’s agreed to let me share her beautiful book with you.

In this digital book, Rachel will take you through her journey of learning how to make her bread beautiful through scoring.

You will learn how to score your bread into beautiful designs, tricks for making scoring easier and more successful and what to avoid as Rachel takes you through her baking year.

While Rachel is writing about scoring sourdough, all of these same techniques apply to yeasted bread too!


Image of Rachel Parks

If Rachel can teach me to make beautiful loaves of bread I know she can teach you!

Learn 8 Beautiful Scoring Patterns

Tips and Tricks for Easy Bread Scoring

Troubleshooting Guide

Meet the Author

Rachel Parks

Rachel Parks is a homeschooling mom, avid home cook, recipe developer, and Cottage Baker. She has been baking bread for her family. When she started baking bread at home to accommodate her son’s food sensitivities and increase the nutrition in his diet using sprouted grains. She is experienced in baking yeast breads, sourdough, and in using ancient grains. She is a senior moderator for Homesteading Family's The Art of Homemade Bread Class


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