Fill your pantry with healthy, SAFE canned foods!

The Abundant Pantry: Canning Masterclass

Learn how to confidently can foods and complete meals at home.



“This summer, with the help of your class, I put up over a hundred jars of food. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to come home from a busy day and get a healthy, nourishing dinner on the table in under 20 minutes! …THANK YOU”

Jennifer T.

We all have those moments when dinner sneaks up on us...

‣ Forgot to defrost the meat?

‣ Unexpected company?

‣ Day didn’t go as planned?

With the skills you learn in The Abundant Pantry: Canning, you can have a delicious, family favorite meal on the table in minutes...  without running to the store, eating unhealthy junk food or spending too much on take-out dinners.


Everything You Need To Master Home Canning


Learn how to fill your pantry with healthy, SAFE canned foods.

‣ Create a stash of delicious convenience foods, ready to heat and eat!

Save $$$ buying in season and preserving for use all year.

Avoid allergens by knowing exactly what is in every jar.

Make all-fruit jams with no added sugar.

Can SAFE sauces and soups in your water bath canner.

Fill the cupboard with tender, flavorful meats for quick and easy use.

Fearlessly use your pressure canner to create family-favorite meals.

Know the science behind SAFE canning so you can confidently serve your friends and family great meals from a jar.

Start canning at home in three simple steps

1. Get the course

2. Follow the step-by-step teaching and recipes

3. Fill your pantry with canned meals


Want a sneak peek? Here’s what you’ll learn inside!

Canning Safety Basics

Those sealed jars can still grow yeasts, molds, and even deadly bacteria, but that is all entirely preventable if you follow proper canning methods.

Water Bath Canning

Water bath canning is a great place for new canners to start. This is how you can fruit, jam, pie fillings tomatoes, and so much more.

Pressure Canning

This versatile canning method is the gold standard. Fearlessly use your pressure canner to create family-favorite meals.


What happens when a jar breaks while canning? Why is the lid bulging? And what’s that white powder? Carolyn breaks down the common things that can go wrong AND how to deal with them.

Carolyn’s Favorite Resources

Over the years, Carolyn has collected practical and valuable resources that she’s now sharing with you in one convenient place to make your canning journey as smooth as possible.

Plus, get these exclusive bonuses!

Printable reference guides

Create Your Own Canning Recipe Workshop
Canning and Pantry Inventory Planner

Learn from over 20 step-by-step video tutorials in The Abundant Pantry: Canning Masterclass to make these delicious recipes: 

‣ Blueberries in Honey Syrup
‣ All-Fruit Strawberry Jam
‣ Apple Pie Filling
‣ Kosher Style Dill Pickles
‣ Mixed Veggie Pickles
‣ Tomatoes in their Own Juice
‣ Spicy Tomato Salsa
‣ Roasted Marinara Sauce
‣ Vine Ripe Tomato Soup
‣ Raw Pack English Peas
‣ Roasted Eggplant and Pepper Puttanesca Sauce
‣ Canned Potatoes
‣ Boston Baked Beans
‣ Chicken Stock
‣ Canned Beef
‣ Canned Chicken
‣ Chicken Enchilada Soup
‣ Loaded Baked Potato Soup
‣ Veggie Stew
‣ BBQ Pork
‣ Beef Goulash
‣ Salsa Verde Chicken

From ‘never canned before’
To Canning Master In Just Days

Can you imagine walking into your pantry 20 minutes before dinner time, grabbing a few cans, and serving a healthy, delicious meal for you entire family without breaking a sweat?

How would it feel to lock in the perfect summer ripeness of every tomato, every blueberry and enjoying that flavor on a dreary winter day months later?

That’s all possible with the The Abundant Pantry: Canning.


“I wanted to let you know that I canned for the first time yesterday.  I’m 73 yrs. Old and never learned to can from my mom. Was not interested in it then. I watched her sometimes, so I knew a little bit about it, but it was all water bath canning, I believe. So, when you started this canning course, I knew I had to take it.  I dehydrate and freeze things, but really wanted to learn to can.  So, thank you VERY much for showing me how to can!”

Rose F.

Meet Your Instructor

I’m Carolyn Thomas! My husband, Josh, and I live on 40 acres in Idaho where we grow, preserve, and prepare most of our own food right on our property. 

But I wasn’t always a canning master. In fact, the first time I tried my pressure canner, I hid around the corner because I was CERTAIN the canner would explode! 

I had the same questions as any nervous new homesteader trying to can for the first time, but no one to ask for help.

That’s why I created this course - It’s clear and thorough, and it’s the kind of thing that I wish someone had given me when I was a young mom trying to safely fill her family’s shelves with healthy food.

You can fill your shelves with healthy, ready-made meals, too, and you can do it with CONFIDENCE!

Get The Abundant Pantry: Canning Masterclass today!


“I have been canning like crazy since taking the class! I actually feel like I can feed my family through the winter. Thanks so much Carolyn!”

Emily L.

“Your videos explain how to preserve and can food in a way that it makes me confident that I can do it too!”

Kari B.


“Baked potato soup, chicken soup, chicken broth, fig jam, fig spread, and oh yes cider canned cherries just to get started. Beef products are up in the next few weeks. Thank you for the clear instructions that have helped me take the next steps to provide for my family!!”

Paige B.

“Thank you Carolyn for sharing your preservation methods! Your wise and kind approach to teaching makes all the difference. Both home canning and preservation have become second nature thanks to you!”

Windy G.

Get The Abundant Pantry: Canning Masterclass for $199


See what's included:

  • 60+ video lessons including over 20 thorough, step-by-step recipe tutorials
  • 24/7 lifetime access! Watch over and over again, anytime!
  • Recipe Downloads
  • The Abundant Pantry: Canning Workbook
  • Complete Troubleshooting Canning Problems Section
  • *BONUS* Quick Reference Guide to Waterbath Canning
  • *BONUS* Quick Reference Guide to Pressure Canning
  • *BONUS* SAFELY Create Your Own Canning Recipes Video Workshop
  • *BONUS* The Abundant Pantry Planner and Inventory Keeper


Donna P.

“Oh my, I just followed with you, step by step and the Blueberries in the honey sauce is fantastic. So easy to make. Thank you”

There has never been a better time to learn canning, and with The Abundant Pantry: Canning Masterclass, you’ll get everything you need to master home canning and fill your shelves with endless jars of perfectly preserved food.