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Filling our

Feeding our

Changing our

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Learning how to turn a modern kitchen into a homestead kitchen, filled with great fresh, seasonal foods and beautifully preserved foods can be challenging

When the boxes of tomatoes start rolling in from the farmers market, what are your options for using them?  And what exactly should you do with those 25 pounds of black beans that you have stored in the pantry? 

I know what it feels like to be in over-my-head in the kitchen! You want something new and fresh while still being, timed-tested, healthy and clear, but digging through Pinterest or YouTube trying to find something that works sounds exhausting.

Enter the Silver Homestead Kitchen Membership! In this affordable membership, each month you get a beautiful, well-designed digital magazine curated with cream of the crop homesteading information like recipes, DIY instructions, and more.

For the more visual learners, the Video Vault is full of how-tos and in-depth instruction where we teach essential skills right from our homestead. 

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Want a sneak peek? Here’s what you’ll get inside the
Silver Membership!

Monthly Homestead Kitchen Magazine

Each month you’ll get a brand new issue of the Homestead Kitchen Magazine, a beautifully designed digital magazine filled with tips, recipes, and stories to inspire your homesteading.

Homesteading Family
Video Vault

A curated library of helpful videos with trainings, tutorials, how-to’s, DIY instructions, and more.

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For a limited time, you’ll also get a special BONUS, three prior issues of the In The Homestead Kitchen magazine: Apples, Tomatoes, and Pumpkins!

Imagine starting each month with new ideas and inspiration to make the most of the produce and materials on your homestead. Imagine feeling connected to hundreds of other homesteaders reading the same magazine. Imagine being able to tune in any time to helpful homesteading videos, instructions, and tutorials.

The Silver Homestead Kitchen Membership is your place to find inspiration and helpful resources as you grow your homestead.

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Meet the Homesteading Family


We’re Carolyn and Josh Thomas!  We live on 40 acres in Idaho with our 9 children where we grow, preserve, and prepare most of our own food right on our property. 

As young parents with a quickly growing family and a desire to feed them healthy, whole foods (even on a tight budget) we knew very quickly that we were going to have to figure out how to grow and cook it ourselves... good food was just too expensive!

But we didn’t have anyone around us that we could ask about how to make this homesteading thing work. We felt completely alone and scrambling for answers while dealing with the demands of life.

We didn’t want others to have to go through the same struggles we experienced, so we created Homesteading Family.

As the years have passed we have had an opportunity to speak into the lives of more and more families… And while we are so blessed to get to help others, we also know that this is just the beginning… and now it is time to take the next step.

Homestead Kitchen Membership will help you transform your home from a consumer based home into a productive and healthy home, through thoughtful instruction and well-designed content.

We hope you join us and can’t wait to see how your homestead grows.

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Spend less time on your homestead and more time on the things you love – like gathering around a full table of healthy, home cooked food with your family and friends.

With the
Homestead Kitchen Membership, you’ll gain the skills, knowledge, confidence, and inspiration you’ve been missing as a homesteader.

Together we will be:
Filling our Pantries, 

Feeding our Families, 

& Changing our Culture