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The Art of Homemade Bread

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In this masterclass you will learn to make ANY bread great, EVERY TIME in your own kitchen with:

  • Step by step video lessons teaching you...
    • EVERY SINGLE step and technique of making great homemade bread from scratch
    • Save $$$ buying wheat in bulk for much cheaper bread
    • Correctly store your wheat for a cheap and easy emergency food supply
    • Make light, fluffy and sliceable 100% Whole Wheat Bread
    • Make bread with ancient wheats such as spelt, einkorn, emmer and more  
    • Sprout and grind your wheat for the healthiest, most digestible bread
    • Make your own sourdough starter
    • Make breads, pancakes and desserts with wild sourdough leavening
    • Make all of the bread products you need for a week in just one easy baking
  • "The Art of Homemade Bread" Downloadable Book
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access
  • *BONUS* Homesteading Family's Favorite Yeast Bread Recipes ebook
  • *BONUS* The Sourdough Challenge:  I take you, day by day(via video lessons), through making your own sourdough starter and then baking with it. This is an entire class in itself!

When you have completed this class, you will have mastered the Art of Homemade Bread! Not only will you be able to make any bread product you want for your family, you will be able to pass this skill on to your children, loved ones and friends!


What current Class Members have to Say:

I have been baking bread off and on for years with never the same result twice. I recently started making sourdough and Einkorn bread again with not so great results. After watching the videos in this class, my loaves of bread have been nearly perfect every time! I love how easy the videos are to follow and understand and probably the only lessons I have ever had that teach the 'skill' rather than 'weigh this exactly, add this exactly, etc.'

Colleen H. Herriman, UT

I baked all our bread when we first got married but never could get consistent results. After the first two babies I gave it up. Fast forward 12 years, and my desire to find a bread made with sprouted grains for my son who has many, many food sensitivities led me to Carolyn’s class. I wasn’t willing to waste my precious spelt berries experimenting trying to get it right. The minute I watched her intro video, I knew I had to register. I instinctively knew that everything that she was saying was true. This gave me the confidence to trust her about not being able to rely on a recipe and that the key is learning how to read your dough. Now I know when my bread has been kneaded enough, risen enough, and been baked enough. And I’m sprouting my own grains as well. It’s been worth every penny. I’m so thankful for this class and Carolyn’s desire to pass along the skill of bread making to the next generation!

Rachel P., Hudson Valley, NY.

I have never baked bread and always loved it. Took the plunge and took the class. It's great to have a recipe for bread...or that's what I thought! The videos Carolyn produced are worth every penny. To see visually what she was talking about is really what enabled me to understand the process and to be able to see the texture of the dough as it was being worked was what switched the light bulb on for me. Great class and great interaction with the other students.

Christopher S. from Jacksonville, Fl.

I hate store bread and wanted to make healthy grain and seed breads, plus learn sourdough, all with consistent results. Carolyn is a great instructor. Her instructions are very clear and she is excellent at answering questions and encouraging students. I loved learning techniques for making whole wheat bread as they are my favorite and love having fresh, tasty bread when I want it and in the freezer. I feel so much better knowing I'm putting healthy food into my body now. This class has been so much fun! Worth every minute of the time and the class fee. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to learn bread making!

Teckla B. from Dallas, OR

When I started this class I had baked bread before, actually a lot, but several years ago when my son was born I moved my family away from white flour to healthier ancient grains. The loaves were tasty but SO dense. I needed to learn HOW to make bread so that is why I took Carolyn's class. This class was fun and so easy to follow. After watching the classes I knew what I had been doing wrong. Now my family gets to enjoy freshly ground healthy ancient grain breads that are fluffy and soft for several days! It feels great being able to provide my family with healthy, nutritious bread and bread products like pizza. No more belly aches or feeling full/bloated after eating it. Thank you Carolyn!

Meghan S. from Huntington, MA.

I have baked bread since I was young. My bread usually turned out great but I pretty much depended on measurements and time to determine if my bread was made correctly. Carolyn's class has helped me to tell when bread has risen enough and when it's done without depending on amounts and time. I also needed to learn about sprouting grains and she has helped me do that. I love having others available who can help me troubleshoot. Carolyn's class has been invaluable to me!

Jodi L. Omaha, Nebraska